Mass production

The lovely dream catcher I was writing about in May (read here) has been quite unexpectedly sold and so I started to make another one to have a sample for my Dream Cather class and few more just in case …

The first one is nearly finished and it’s on a brown background with turquoise and gold feathers.

I was then so excited I have ordered more rings, some larger ones and some smaller ones. I’m ready to go bigger as well as smaller, so today we were sorting through colours and Olivier started wrapping the rings, my plan for tomorrow is stitch some feathers on organza, as they have to be cut out and painted and attached on a strings with beads but all that is easy to do in front of a movie.

We sorted some colours and I realized I don’t have good enough colour choice in my stash of organzas, so need to source some more soon. But for now we have prepared 5 more colour combinations – that should keep is busy!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress an show you finished pieces hopefully soon.

Until then thank you for reading



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