Sparkling Mandala

Festival of Quilts is getting closer and closer and we have now only 14 days to add the sparkles to whole cloth wall hanging with a colourful mandala design on it. It doesn’t matter how long you are quilting and how many times you think you have thought everything through … every project is different and every project has its surprises. This one is no different.

I have made a couple of quilts where I learned that the quilting has to be evenly dense in order for the quilt to hang nice and flat – and as this one is going for a competition, it has to be flat as a table when it’s hanging. So we started by making nice mandala design and I quilted the background with my favourite Flower of life symbol. But when we lay it on the table this is what happened:


It’s very difficult to take a picture of the bump, but the middle is flat, the edges are flat but there is kind of ring which is raising up. So I sighed deeply and started to think about more quilting to add to the mandala design to flatten it. Obviously, the background is much more intensive than the middle.


So a couple of days later of thinking and quilting and thinking and quilting above you can see the difference – more or less the same section of the quilt – bottom is the first amount of stitching when we thought we will paint the rest and the other one is with the final amount of the quilting.



This is now the last picture before we start painting. I’ll be adding the sleeve tonight, to see how it hangs, giving it last steam and push and pull and then the other fun begins. I’ll keep you posted if I don’t show you the finished result before Festival of Quilts, do find it there and check it in person!

Thank you for reading



  1. The quilt is lovely just as it is. I hope you’ll post it after the festival. It always surprises me to see how the perfect quilt paper or in your head always need something extra to make it look finished.
    I think keeping the quilting density even is one of the hardest part for me because most of my quilts are bed quilts, I don’t like to make them too stiff. I use wool batting 90% of the time so that helps keep it soft.

    Good luck at the Festival.


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