Place mats tutorial


30 cm of red, green and blue fabric

6 Christmas panels or 40cm /16” other large patterned fabric

Wadding 90 x 80 cm / 36” x 30”

Backing 75cm / 30”


Central Squares: 

Trim the panels to keep ¼” of the black around (Fig 1)

(If using other large patterned fabric cut 7 ½” squares)

Green, blue and red Fabric – out of each cut:

As you have your 30cm /12” of the bolt, cut 5 strips long from selvage to selvage: 3 ½”- once, 2” -once and 1 ½” three times then cut them as follows:

2” x 10 ½” strips – four times

3 ½” x 9” strip – four times

1 ½” strip of the width of the fabric – 3 times for binding

Backing and wadding:

15”x 12” – six times of each

Place mats tutorial
Fig 1


  1. Take the central panels and spread them in front of you to decide which colours would you like to go around each square. There are three coloured combinations – red and blue; red and green; blue and green. Each of these combinations have two variations, one colour on the top/right the other on the bottom/left and the other way round.  That makes six options in total for your six place mats to make them each slightly different.
  2. When spreading the border strips around the panel use Fig 2 as your guide.
Place mats tutorial
Fig 2

3.   Now take your first strip – left 3 ½” wide strip – line it up with the top left corner and sew it to the panel – but sew it only half way (Fig 3)

Place mats tutorial
Fig 3

4.  When sewing keep the wrong side of the panel on the top and follow the edge of the black print so that you have only nice white frame around the panel exposed. (Fig 4)

Place mats tutorial
Fig 4

5.   Finger press the seam to one side and attach the top 2”wide strip – this one is the right length so you will sew the whole length. (Fig 5). Press.

Place mats tutorial
Fig 5

Next attach the strip on the right side (Fig 6), press add then attach the bottom strip (Fig 7), press.

Place mats tutorial
Fig 6
Place mats tutorial
Fig 7


7.   Once the last strip is attached you can now come back to your first strip and finish off the seam you have started.

8.  Make all six.



  1. Press the mats to make them all nice and flat.
  2. Place the backing fabric right side down on your table and place the wadding on the top and the pieced mat on the top of the wadding.
  3. Pin together and quilt as desired. The minimum you need is to sew through all the layers around the panel. You can use white thread and sew in the white strip around the panel. You can also add some free motion quilting following some lines in the panel.
  4. Once quilted trim the excess of the wadding and backing.
  5. For binding choose the third colour you haven’t use as a border. Add the binding and you’re ready to decorate your table.



We have limited amount of the placemat kits available on our website, click here to buy.

Don’t forget you can always use this pattern to showcase any of your large patterned fabric – in Christmas colours or those to match your dining room.

Have fun and happy sewing


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