Since having out work so lovingly accepted at Inner Guidance holistic retreat centre, we’ve been very motivated to make more pieces. We started with some Chakra pieces as some have been already started and just needed finishing or we had all the fabrics ready. And this Tuesday when I came for another meditation class I took these four hanging with me. IMG_5249res

I think this first one is my favorite, I have spray painted the fabric, lotuses are hand painted onto silk and the stick figures of Yoga poses are just beautifully finishing the piece.


This second one was nearly finished when we thought it needs bit more colour and we decided to add the painted dots, which was exactly what the piece was missing. But I must say it is sometimes quite daunting adding a paint onto piece which is finished. you can either make the piece or brake the piece and this fortunately made it!!


I just love the colour shading of the plain fabrics on this third one …


The last one is very similar to the original piece which started my passion for Chakra wall hanging about 6 years ago. I just found that on my first one ever I have exchanged the words I can and I feel – so they are next to wrong chakras 😦  Olivier offered couple of times to unpick it so that I can fix it, but I’m quite happy keeping the mistake there. I’m just now extra cautious whenever I make any new hanging to have the right symbol, words or colours in the right order and places.


Thank you for reading


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