From inspiration to a hanging

You never know what can sparkle some inspiration …. it might be a tiled floor, print on a piece of clothing, graffiti on the wall or a painting.

When I saw this series of mini paintings on Pinterest I was in love! Unfortunately the link to them no longer work, so I don’t know who made them and can’t credit the person. But they just caught my eye.

In a way they are very simple – nice funky “sky” white border and silhouette of the tree. So when we saw in the catalogue of our suppliers a gorgeous fabric for the sky – changing it’s colour from selvedge to selvedge – I had this image back in my head ( and searched for it again on Pinterest) And so when the fabrics arrived, the first cut was couple of inches for these gorgeous wall hangings.

Let’s be honest – all I have done was to attach the white border and appliquéd a tree. But the fabric – digitally printed – is the star o the show! I guess it could work with lots of different fabrics as well, the backing could be pieced in the strips of sky like colours, there is lots of variations. But I do like this a lot.

The large hangings are about 130cm/50″ tall but we also had much smaller print of a sky – with much closer repeat. The repeat would be very visible on the hanging of such scale, so I opted out for much smaller version and it’s just as effective being only 50cm/20″ tall.

The fun part is, that if you like to play with it bit more free motion quilting you can add as many branches which are just stitched as you’d like. And it totally changes the hanging. None of it is right or wrong, it’s just different.

So next time you see a painting or any other source of inspiration … grab it, hold on to it and make it in your favourite medium … fabric.

And meanwhile if you’d like to make this hanging, it’s available on my website as PDF pattern, kit or video course if you are a visual person and like to see how it’s done. You can find out more here.

Thank you for reading


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