Hand embroidery projects

I don’t know what possessed me, but I feel like I recently started several projects which have some kind of hand embroidery … Don’t get me wrong I love it, but I just feel that even if I was sitting at home doing nothing but sewing I would need more than a fortnight to finish them all! Luckily I’m not in a hurry, so I’m just taking my time and do little by little. The only one which has got a deadline is, unfortunately, the one I can’t yet share with you … until Festival of Quilts.


This blue Mandala which still doesn’t have its name is slowly getting more paint and stitches 
Seeding stitch is one of those I always wanted to use on a piece, so here it is 




And a sister to my Black void mini hanging, the first attempt was slowed down by Jasmine cutting my fabric, so here I am starting for the second time …. 

People really love our mandala hangings and lots of them have been asking about kits and patterns, and so I started to work on some, here are some designs, next step is to choose several colour combinations and stitch and paint … 7AD23BDD-C8AE-4FEA-83ED-F0B10A6BED60.JPG

Talking about painting and making patterns – I’m nearly finished with my bag patterns, soon to be out! And to get some more pictures of the making process I made another bag. This time we used Kaffe Fassett fabric, which was first painted with our beloved Marabu Liners. and I love the painted effect, looks really great.


What are you currently embroidering?

Thank you for reading



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