Four months??

Has it really been four months since my last post?? OMG! It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, but I must admit 3 month of proper continental summer was too much for me, I was OK sewing during the day, but I do most of my writing in the evening and I was just drained out by the time we put the kids to bed! I was also working on two pieces for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham which I didn’t really want to share until they were finished and another piece for the Great Northern Quilt show in Harrogate. Well, the shows happened, the quilts didn’t come home empty-handed, but they will deserve a proper blog post each.

Part of those few months was also a school holiday, so that didn’t add more time for writing either, but I got my two children in front of the sewing machine!!! They made themselves a simple PE bag. They each choose the fabric they liked in our shop and each did most of the sewing, I just added the corner triangle with the string (which I cut of their “proper” school PE bags).

As I was at it I then spoke to a customer who is a teacher and she confirmed they can have however coloured they want, so we rummaged through our fabric stash this time. You should hear them – they were worse than Oli and I let loose at quilt show – “oooo look at this one” or “aaawww this is lovely” and ” I definitely have to have this one”. It was a pleasure watching them. I made most of the school bags, they just helped here and then.

But I must admit, after making all these “award-winning” quilts – as much as I loved working on them, it was so liberating to make something just the for the fun of making and let the children tell me how they want it, what fabrics etc.

I’m back in the land of bloggers, and have lots to share, so whatch this space as they say

Thank you for reading



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