Riding the Spring clean wave

It may have been creatively boring 2 weeks, but at the same time, I have as great feeling of accomplishment as when I finished a large quilt … here is why. As part of the Spring clean, I took out 3 projects which were waiting to be done nearly 3 years  – a voile, a curtain and a pair of trousers! All three of them very uninspiring – but at the same time quite quick to do! Anyway, I was avoiding them as a plague until now! They are done and it’s such a great feeling to get them off my shoulder.


Still riding the spring clean wave we cleaned the workroom in the shop and by we I mean check out my super hard working helper I had!


DISCLAIMER: the photos are not staged neither did I force him, he’s just a golden boy!

And my bigger helper Olivier was being very helpful too. I send him to buy some wood in the morning and before we went home the same day this is what he built! It took a little while to fill it up, so now just door which will serve as a pin-up board and curtain on the other side and it’s done! I’m really lucky to have him!


Well after all that hard work and with clean and tidy workroom it was just time to dive in into some properly creative activity, so I have got out another one of those projects I have started maybe 5 years ago and started to work on it. If everything goes well it will be my entry for the Quilter’s Guild challenge at the Festival of Quilts … we’ll see.

Thank you for reading


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