Marabu Liners

We love making our own mark on the fabric – over the years we had a go at several different techniques, there is also plenty still waiting for us to try! Recently, as you probably noticed, we are excited about Marabu Liners. They come in glitter, metallic and shimmer series – which means shine and sparkle. And we all love a bit of that – our children are no exception! They usually come to the shop for the last half an hour of my class and when I’m teaching Play with Liners it’s that last half an hour when all the painting is done! And so one day they were watching all the ladies and wanted to have a go as well! I sat down with them and this is what they made:


These lovely trees were Balthazar’s first attempts! Jasmine just did the pink dots around the branches on the yellow one for him. And her first attempt was this lovely feather :


And ever since when they see us painting any of our work they can’t wait to have a go as well, so we have to make sure the paints are hidden when they wake up in the morning otherwise they might decide to add to the painting we have done last night and is just drying in the middle of the living room.


Their latest creation was these jelly fish – Balthazar’s is the green one, and even though his motoric skills are three and half years behind Jasmine’s I noticed one thing as I was watching him … look at the symmetry of  the colours – what’s on the left is on the right!? Isn’t that interesting??

Next time I’ll share with you the progress on the Sparkling Mandala.

Thank you for reading


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