Dream catcher in textiles

I love love love dream catchers, feathers, beads … it all just appeals to me, so there is no surprise that I have made couple of them in textiles …

First one was last year for Jasmine and it’s free hanging and all the feathers are real

dream catcher textiles

Second one was created on an impulse after a conversation with a customer, she wanted to buy one of my sample hangings (which is not for sale) so I spoke to her what she likes and she loves Dream Catchers, so I got her favourite colours, and her email and I said if I ever make one one day I’ll let her know. As I was making it I though it could be great class, but it was just a prototype, so the third one …

dream catcher textiles

And the third one was made while I was teaching the Dream catcher class for the first time, And as you can see, they are getting better and better! I just love this one, all the feathers has been stitched, some are stitched onto fabric, and another layer is free hanging.

dream catcher textiles I made a video of the process, so that you can see how it has been made a bit ….

Just click here to be able to watch it. 

dream catcher textiles

So if you are tempted and don’t live too far from Suffolk, next dream catcher class is on the 10th June 2017. Hope to see you there.

Thank you for reading



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