Spring cleaning

Have you done a spring clean of your creative space?

Couple weeks back I had 2 days with nothing going on in the shop and a big decision: AM I GOING TO ENJOY 2 DAYS OF SEWING OR AM I GOING TO TIDY OUR WORKSHOP?

Well as much as sewing day was tempting, I decided to spring clean. Olivier was around on the first day to help me get started – every cupboard has been emptied, hoovered or dusted and things went back in much more organised fashion and also has been sorted and some reduced. The main things I feel has changed is the energy of the room is lighter and clearer. It’s easier to work and create now as I don’t’ need to look for things. Sometimes just looking at the mess makes you not want to even start any new project or finish some old one – so spending time tidying and organising your work/creative space is well worth it and helps you on the creative level as well!

This is how it looked halfway through the first day! I thought we will need at least a week to sort it all out. We very much like to up-cycle stuff, so we collected some boxes from the cafe next door which would otherwise go to the bin. And we reorganised lots of things. The content of boxes which were too full was removed to larger boxes to make space for other stuff.

I don’t’ know if some of your remember how it looked right after we moved to the premises and once Olivier was finished with his renovations so here is a little reminder. It looks so empty compared to now!

workshop for patchwork classes

room ready

Over the 2 years we’ve been here we have accumulated quite a few things – some of them were just brought from home – and Olivier built lots of shelves to accommodate everything. These shelves filled the space and made it cosier I think.

I also made Olivier a small list of things to fix or make to make our life easier. So the radiator pipes are finally white! And we have new stand/hanger for rulers.

I must say that I’m very lucky having Olivier by my side, I love to sort things, divide them into the groups and boxes and he is the one who is really good at keeping the general tidiness – so as usual we compliment each other.

So what are you waiting for? Open the windows, empty the cupboards, dust and hoover and bring some freshness to your creative life!!

Thank you for reading


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