Last week under the machine

I seem to be entering very productive part of the year. I have sorted my messy table at work, got rid of all the paperwork and finished quite a few things which didn’t actually need that much work on them. I’m nearly finished with a project which Olivier came up with –  Buddha’s face silhouette which we did a prototype for in the middle of January. Well the piece I’m finishing now is 1m x 2m and it’s as effective as the little one.


I’m also determined to finish a couple of dreamcatchers we started in July last year. I have written about the mass-production earlier and we only finished two of those shown in the post, so I have woven couple more nets and started to stitch and paint some feathers as well.


As a second sample for the Hexies with a modern twist class, I have made a table runner in greys, creams and yellows. If I had a time I would go for a quilt as well I just love the look of this technique so much!


Somebody recently told me I must be on a metric week, based on the work I’m able to produce my week must have 10 days!  I just love it! No matter how many days it has my biggest help is Olivier, he does a lot of cutting, unpicking, coming up with great ideas and of course he does most of the cooking! I would never be able to do what I do and as much as I do without him by my side!

What have you been up to this week??

Thank you for reading


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