This week under the needle

This year I’d like to share with you every Sunday ( or most of them) what has been under my needle that week. Sometimes I might just post pictures other time I will tell you more about the projects.

I must say it has been so nice to be sewing again. I had a big pile of things I wanted to finish before Christmas but only got to them now in January. The first full week at work and two projects are finished and one big one started with Olivier’s help.

Last time I was teaching One-inch square cushion class I was making my own cushion at the same time – in my very favourite brown and turquoise colours. It’s finished now and I love it! What do you think??


Next thing is a project we started with Olivier together. At Inner Guidance where we display our art is a wonderful space by the stairs, which has space for a wall hanging which is about 2 m tall and 1m wide. I first wanted to make a prototype so we made a small piece which is about 60 x 30 cm.


The quilting is a quote written/quilted round and round and round. “Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time.”


Excited from the result Olivier started to draw it in the original scale.


Next weekend I’ll be at the new show at Newark, demonstrating and teaching playing with Glitter Marabu Liners, so I might not have a needle in my hand, but I’ll show you the pics from the show.

Until then, thank you for reading.



  1. I love the colours in your cushion Vendulka and the wall hanging is amazing! You are such a creative pair and I miss seeing the results of your combined imaginations. And Olivier’s yummy cakes too, of course! 😊❤️X


  2. A beautiful cushion with so many uses. Turquoise and brown are one of my favorite combinations, too. I even made an empire style maternity dress from them when I was carrying our 4th son 43 yrs ago! The wall hanging is quite lovely and the quote is wonderful! I will be sharing that quote with our eldest granddaughter who is majoring in religions in university.

    The BOOK! how exciting for you. I’m hoping it will be available in US markets, too.

    best of everything to you both!


    • I love to bring messages to my art and quotes are such a lovely way to do so.
      I have self-publish the book at the moment, so it’s only available through our shop, if ever publishing house will be interested, then it might get to US … who knows maybe one day??


  3. […] and making small progress on the big Buddha’s face. We made a sample couple weeks ago (you can read about it here), but that was just to see how it’s going to look and now we’re making the same idea, […]


  4. […] with a project which Olivier came up with –  Buddha’s face silhouette which we did a prototype for in the middle of January. Well the piece I’m finishing now is 1m x 2m and it’s as effective as the little […]


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