Last week under my machine

OMG what a productive week!! I knew I’ll away at the shows for months, but as usual, there’s always time to prepare things until there isn’t. And so at the last minute I have prepared 3 new kits for table runners :




I have quilted nearly 280 panels ready for teaching painting with Marabu liners and ready to give one away when people buy 4 paints. This might be enough for Edinburgh and Harrogate, but I might have to make some more for Duxford in three weeks time!


As I need to prepare new workshop list and I’ve been showing you the Stained glass windows projects I’ll be teaching, I have one more project in mind, it involves hexagons, but it’s not English paper piecing! The first project will be very bright as you can see using Kaffe Fassett and plain fabrics. Well, I’ll leave it at that as I’ll be working on it today (while Olivier is packing) and at least I’ll have something to write about next week.


Our kids are in France enjoying their half term, so we didn’t mind spending more time in the workshop and making small progress on the big Buddha’s face. We made a sample couple weeks ago (you can read about it here), but that was just to see how it’s going to look and now we’re making the same idea, same design just 1 x 2,2 m (40″ x 88″ )img_3473.jpg

I must admit, I love creating, so I’ve been really enjoying myself, now I need to catch up on all the admin stuff as well before we leave! Hope you have a nice creative week as well.

Thank you for reading



  1. All looks fab. Just started using the paints on Greeting cards. If good enough I will send you a photo.


  2. Hopefully you are enjoying your time together. Make the most of it. Everything looks fantastic xxxx


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