Cross in Cathedral window

Yes it’s Cathedral window time again … as I’m busy working on my book, new projects are popping in my head. Well this project was on my list for way too long! Back on the Isle of Wight, I was about to teach Cathedral window class and a one of my students came the day before with a request. She wanted to make the wall hanging and it was suppose to be for the church so she was wondering if we could make it in a shape of a cross. Well I love challenge so obviously I said yes! So I helped Wendy to make the hanging, which you can see here:Cathedral window Cross by vendulka battais

It wasn’t the easiest for her to start with, but she did it and it ended up really great! But as it was quite complicated I never made it myself. But it was ever since on my list, I wanted to find a way how to make it easier!

IMG_9017_FotorCathedral window Cross by vendulka battais

And as I was making a list of projects I’d like to use in the book about Cathedral windows, I put it on and about 14 days later I had light bulb moment and came up with easy way – one block which you can see as the cushion – but multiplied can make a beautiful cross hanging.

Cathedral window Cross by vendulka battais

As I was looking for the picture of it, I realised that I used very similar colours as Wendy all those years ago.

Cathedral window Cross by vendulka battais

If you don’t want to wait for the book pattern for the cushion and cross is available in the shop or as a downloadable PDF from our website. Click here to check the pattern.

Thank you for reading


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