Keeping your workroom organised

Notice I didn’t say tidy!!! I’m not an advocate of a tidy workspace – if it’s tidy it means nothing is happening there! And sewing is messy. Of course every now and then things needs sorting and putting back and that’s what I’d like to write about today.

When we moved to Suffolk and Olivier renovated our workroom (you can read about it here, here and here) we had only tables, quilts on the walls and loads of stuff at home!! I always used to do most of my sewing in the evenings at home but here in Suffolk the dynamics of our life has changed and we actually sew everything in the shop and I do computer work and hand sewing at home. It’s a nice change let me tell you.


With our work being mostly done in the shop we needed to find a way how to store  everything at work. I’m very lucky that Olivier is my personal handyman and he did all the job himself. We had several of the plastic drawers which are actually quite useful, the drawers can be taken out, you can easily see what is inside of them, they just might not be the nicest things to look at. So Olivier bought good worktop from B&Q and build a simple frame for the worktop to sit on.

Sewing storage table

I made easy curtain which are very practical, decorative, cheap and fast to make – you hem all four sides make them as tall as your table and the width is 1.5 of the width of the table so that you can gather it. Don’t forget the gaps – I used three brown fabrics and each is made as an individual piece so that I can just lift one of them.



This one is used to store some of our stock which is simply placed into banana boxes.


The top of these shelves is great to display things, you can keep your cutting board on it and build it the perfect height for yourself for cutting.


You can also ask your handyman to build you a shelve … because the shelf is covered with a curtain the boxes which are inside don’t need to all look pretty or matching and as you can see it can even be a bit messy!


I also love these boxes where I keep a leftovers which are smaller than fat quarters, but still big enough for many projects. I have a box for each colour + boxes with buttons, ribbons and trimmings, bling  fabrics etc. The advantage is they are clear so you can see through them, which saves time on tagging them!

So  if any of your new year resolutions was to tidy your workroom let’s get it done!! Let me know in the comments your favourite organising tips.

Thank you for reading



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