Olivier’s project – in pictures

workshop renovations
Last piece of plasterboard is in place!! That was last week Thursday …
workshop renovations
Over weekend he started putting wall paper on all the walls
workshop renovations
Last week started with work on the floor.



workshop renovations
After this boards were laid, walls were painted 
His is how covered in  white he was only after half a day ...
His is how covered in white he was only after half a day …
workshop renovations
Floor is finished now!!!


No we just have to clean everything, put the miles of bunting I have made with my mum up, and the quilts on the walls, build some tables and chairs and we’re ready for the students!!
It’s already getting really nice shape and I’m loving it more and more, can’t wait to be the one making some noise with sewing machine rather than all that hammering and drill noises.

Thank you for reading






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