Numbers and Alphabet by Laura Seeley

I love panels for quilt making, because they make life so much easier. It is wonderful to make a quilt out of thousands of pieces, very elaborate but how long does it take to make one?? Whereas making quilt using a panel makes it faster and easier especially when you make a quilt for the little ones and they are about to arrive soon!

I have never heard of Laura Seeley but when we were shown the fabric panels which were made based on her art work and books, we had to have the panels and I have ordered her books as well!!

Let me tell you what we love about these ….



alphabet numbers panel

Both panels are full of things going on … every window of the alphabet is packed with things starting with that letter. All around the panel – just before the border are written other things you are supposed to find in the picture.

alphabet numbers panel
For example, there is written … elbow under earing … can you see??

alphabet numbers panel

On the panel with numbers are amounts of the things to find … like 33 baseballs!! Every time I look at the quilt I see things I haven’t seen before, it’s marvellous!! We have spend already quite some time just Olivier and me looking for things, I can’t wait to actually play with it with the children.

I didn’t really wanted to make a large quilt out of it or make two of them, so we just decided on the two border fabrics and I I have quilted the two panels together with an invisible thread to make it double sided cot quilt or a play mat.

alphabet numbers panel

This one is going to be in the shop for display and for sale, as well as in our ETSY shop. And again we have the panels for sale on our website. And I’m probably off to make one for my own children before they are gone!!

Thank you for reading



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