Very bright quilt for Balthazar

Balthazar is about 16 month old now, so I though it was about a time I finish his quilt!! It has been UFO (unfinished object) for way too long. We used to have a lovely animal panel in the shop in Newport, which was about the time I was pregnant. Then it was for a while waiting in the drawer and about September last year, when my mum was here we started to piece it together, then it was couple more month waiting for us to move and settle and now I finally finished it!!

Balthazar quilt animals

Balthazar quilt animals

It’s as bright as it can get, but that’s the way we like it!!

Balthazar quilt animalsBalthazar quilt animalsBalthazar quilt animals

What attracted us to the panel was the lovely drawings of the animals and they were actually inspiration for designing the quilt as I took three of them and used them as an appliqué design to built the quilt in size. Balthazar quilt animals

Balthazar quilt animals

Balthazar quilt animalsI’m very pleased with the finished quilt, Balthazar was happy playing with it so I hope he will love it and use it a lot. I don’t know how did I managed, but it’s more like a single bed size than a cot quilt, so it will definitely grow with him. Until he will have a mind of his own and we will have fabrics he will like more ….

Balthazar quilt animals

Balthazar quilt animals

I have used a lot of leftovers for the backing, to make it as colourful as the front!

Balthazar quilt animals

Thank you for reading



  1. wow – this is stunning. What a lucky little boy. He looks so cute wrapped up in all those lovely colours. Love the back too. You are just so talented and make such gorgeous things.


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