Turquoise and brown – something for myself

I’m always making something for the shop – new workshop projects, or old projects in new fabrics, or some commissions. So this time I have made something for our home. As you know I love cathedral windows and a long time ago I made this cushion using leftovers fabrics from my Australasia Quilt. cathedral window cushionAnd people loved the fabric, kept asking if we have it or wanted to buy it and I didn’t want to sell it, so I decided to take it home and keep it for us. Now we bought a new sofa in lovely chocolate colour and it fits on it perfectly. When I was making the waving runner in new colours, I got the idea for a cushion out of the same colours  – it would also make a good friend to the first one.

I also had a leftover from making the Wave table runner so I made us two matching coasters …





The left tea mug is painted by Jasmine for “best daddy” written with stamps

Thank you for reading




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