My own Christmas present

I did it!! I finished the jacket!! I am sooooooooo pleased with myself. I may have started it more than 3 years ago, but most of the time it was just sitting in a bag waiting or me to get to work. Once I started to work on it it was still good 3 weeks of work (not 8-5, did a lot around it as well) but I enjoyed it so much! I still have a button or some kind of closing to figure out, but all the sewing and hand sewing is done.




The orange silk is lovely but honestly it needed to be broken by something – so I introduced the grey and black silk into the lapel and collar and used just grey on the cuffs. The black binding is also giving it a nice kind of professional finish.

Quilted Jacket free motion quilting silk


The funky lining is also nice touch and makes it fun to open it or take it off.


This is the detail of the seams from the inside. I don’t know why but I really enjoyed making them this neat. The class on Craftsy suggested couple of finishes of the seams – overlocker and topstitch was one of them – but when I saw this neat tiny binding there was no other option for me. Mind you the cream strip of bias binding is under 1/4″ wide. But it’s probably the perfectionist inside of me, who had to finish it this way and I loved all the hand sewing as the binding is held down by hand.

Let me know how you like it!!

Thank you for reading




  1. How do I like it? Wow, it is just amazing. You are so gifted and create such glorious things. Hope you love wearing it and it brings you joy.


  2. Amazing! Can’t stop looking at all the detail, truly stunning! You are one very talented lady! Well done x


  3. Came to your blog via the Facebook group Quilters UK. What an amazing jacket! I love ALL the little details on it but particularly the stripy collar.


    • Thank you Hillary, the stripy collar is definitely very nice detail, I think if it was all just orange it might be actually too much. So the grey and black and breaking it and at the same time giving it a great lift!


  4. Your jacket is a masterpiece. Stunning colour and quilting. You must be incredibly proud of your achievement. I hope you have great enjoyment from wearing it.


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