Hand dyed fabrics

I love hand dyed fabrics  as they work as a wonderful background to my art pieces. I wish I had all that time to paint or hand dye my fabrics, but as a business owner, tutor, mum and wife I have to compromise. One day I will have time to do it all, until then I found person who dyes the most amazing fabrics – Jo Lovelock from Alter Ego.

Her fabrics are just wonderful, it’s great quality cotton and the colours and blends are very unique and they are making my art stand out!


Recently I quite like to first quilt the fabric in the flower of life design and add some appliqué afterwards. These white silhouettes are being auditioned on this pink, red and yellow coloured fabric.


All silhouettes has been raw edge appliquéd and zigzagged around.

Yoga Silhouettes 101 – £175

And here it is finished, no binding, there is enough black and nothing else would worked as binding, so turned back edge seemed like the best option. I just love the contrast of the colours next to black.

Sometimes the fabric is just speaking to me  … and this was the case of this pink and turquoise – such a lovely combination of colours. I was just reading about sacred geometry, flower of life and Mercaba symbols and I this fabric “run under my nose” as they say and told me put all these symbols on me and so here it is :


It has been quilted in pink thread and I love the way the quilting is disappearing in the pink but it’s standing out on the turquoise.


The Flower of Life, Fruit of Life and Merkaba symbols have been all used together in one – just using different thickness of threads for each of them. Little bit of painting and voila …


Merkaba in pink – SOLD

I have two more fabrics from Jo Lovelock – one is in purples, it’s already basted, just waiting to be quilted and will probably have Crown chakra symbol in the middle and around it will be Yoga Sun salutation positions. Olivier has claimed the other one as he was the one who choose it last time we saw Jo, but if he won’t use it I’ll just snap it. So now I need to make it to next Festival of Quilts to buy some more!!

Thank you for reading



  1. Hand dyes are so unique that they often can be the focus of art. You’ve combined both aspects of using these wonderful fabrics beautifully.
    I would like to recommend Claity Colors by Marie on Easy if someone is looking for lovely hand dyes at a reasonable price


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