Travelling books

Book cover

Couple of month ago I have joined local branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. I have been flirting with machine and hand embroidery and several of my projects contain one or the other, so I thought it would be nice to meet once a month with same minded people and be inspired, be able to ask for an advice etc. And I must say I really love it!

Book cover

One of the things I’m really enjoying are Travelling books. We were supposed to get a nice sketch book with spiral binding and make a cover for it and one day we started the travelling – we have three groups of 8 members in each group – and if you imagine all 8 of us sitting in a circle, I pass my book to the person sitting on my left and I receive a book from a person on my right. I take it home, make a little piece and write explanation how I made it and on the next meeting we do the same! And after 8 month you get your book back and it has 8 little embroideries! I love the idea and I’m thoroughly enjoying my little embroideries and also seeing work of everybody else.

Book cover

Book cover
This long flap makes is bit difficult to put the book in , but once in, it’s well secured and you can even add a pocket here!

As you can imagine I have been recently playing with my new love Marabu Glitter Liners, so my first two entries has been all about it …

embroidery tree glitter liners

But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some French knots !!!

embroidery tree glitter liners

This feather has few more different stitches and even a row of beads.

embroidery Feather glitter liners

I quite like the machine stitched blanket stitch around the edge, as we are just glueing it onto the page it gives it really nice finish – both pieces only have iron on stabiliser on the back and I have first stitched the blanket stitch on the machine (there is too many other project I want to do to spend time doing blanket stitch by hand 🙂 ) and only then I have cut the shape out, that’s why you can see nice even 1mm edge around. No-one ever said it has to be done only around raw edge and this way it’s easier and I think it looks neater. But also this piece is never going to be washed!!!

embroidery Feather glitter liners

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and reading as much as I have enjoyed making them!!

Thank you for reading



  1. Lovely pieces and what a great idea for your group! I think I might make one of those covers for my quilting sketch book. When the book is full I can insert a new one. It would certainly look better on my table than the usual black cover with manufacturer.

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