Quilted Jacket on the way

December is usually time for my own projects or time to catch up on those unfinished projects and clear the table to have space to bring new projects in. This year I have three projects I want to finish (at least) … They have all been started on the Isle of Wight and two of them before Balthazar was even born – he will be 3 in January!!!

The first one oI have started on is Quilted jacket – I have bought once an online class on Craftsy to learn how to make a quilted jacket. The tutor is not a quilter and so all her jackets are quilted with straight lines but I was inspired! It’s combining my two very favourite things – quilting and dressmaking. So this fabrics was cut and basted and waiting for me over three years because I didn’t have the right coloured thread to quilt it with and I also had no idea how I want to quilt it. But I have both now and I made a good start this week!


It’s made of 13 parts and I have quilted 9 of them so far! I went for random quilting in variegated thread in very similar colour as the top fabric – I just wanted the quilting to be there and be intensive but not to be too much in your face as it would be if I went for contrasting thread.


The top fabric is lovely silk which I once bought somewhere very cheap. It might not be the  colour I would wear all the time but this is not going to be a jacket for everyday wear anyway. I have also used a very fine silk fabric for the lining – it was lovely scarf but I wasn’t overly keen on the colours. The sleeves have just ordinary polyester lining fabric and I can already see that the silk lining wasn’t such a great idea as it has life of it’s own and is making the whole quilting sandwich very springy and not very stable. But I have made my choice so I’m persevering.


I’m sure the fitting is not going to be one day job, but hopefully I’ll be able to show you the final result soon!!

Thank you for reading




  1. This quilted jacket project of yours is inspiring! I love the way you’re using unique fabrics and ideas that aren’t traditional choices. Looking forward to seeing your finished creation….it’s going to be gorgeous!


  2. Your choice of silk is wonderful for this jacket. So elegant! Your random quilting is great but, if doing random quilting, why not quilt the fabric as a whole first then cut the pattern. Perhaps, since you weren’t sure of what you were going to do you thought cutting first would be better.
    In any case, I look forward to seeing the finished project!
    Also, good for you for persevering through working with the silk scarf lining. It will be a lovely look though.


    • Thank you Marlette, you are very right about quilting the thing as whole! The reason I did it this way was the amount of fabric I had – the scarf was small, so it’s only on the body of the jacket and had to be pieced at one place. It would be much easier also to quilt it as one big piece but then I would probably had to quilt much more of it! either way this is a prototype kind of project and hopefully I’ll make some more in the future. I have now Quilted all the pieces and will be piecing it on Friday! Very exited!


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