Glitter liners

Marabu Glitter linerThe last weekend in October we went to Autumn Duxford Quilt Show. My mum came over to look after our children and Olivier and I could both be there to look after our stand. He was dealing with the sales and I was literally enjoying myself – I was demonstrating our new products we just got before the show – MARABU GLITTER LINERS.

Marabu Glitter liner

If you’re following me for a little while, you know I love putting paint onto fabric. Over the years we have tried several different products and through trial and error we have settled on several different products which works for us, are easy to use or produce the kind of effect we are after. One of them is Pebeo Silk Gutta – The purpose of outliner or gutta resist, is to create a boundary around part of an image or pattern so that the silk paint or dye will not run beyond that boundary. We actually never used it on silk painting (but I have a feeling it might be something I’d like to play with one day) but we realised that it looks really nice on an ordinary fabric and most importantly it’s very easy to use as it has a fine nozzle which creates very fine lines and it’s great for text on quilts – we actually use it to sign out work with!

Marabu Glitter liner

We tried different brands over the years to settle on Pebeo (not just because it’s french 🙂 but mainly because it makes the finest lines and doesn’t dry up. The only disadvantage of Gutta is the colour range – usually you can find gold, silver, copper, black and white.

Marabu Glitter liner

so we had our eyes opened and when we went to France once we saw this Marabu Glitter liners – they might not make as fine lines as the gutta, but it’s still easier to paint a line with them than with a paint in a pot and brush. But they have 18 different colours! And another 18 in metallic! And 9 more in shimmer!

We have now full range of the Glitter and Metallic. The shimmer colours will be in probably after Christmas.

Marabu Glitter liner

I just love playing with them, you can’ even call it working, I’m having such a great time. And all these pictures I’m sharing with you in this post are actually the pieces I have created at Duxford while demonstrating. Two of them are also going to be a class next year called Play with liners. On the class we will make either the tree or a feather. I’ll be making easier feather using just straight stitches for those with small free motion experience.

Marabu Glitter liner

Hope to see you in the class

Thank you for reading



  1. Díky za pozdrav,moc pěkné,jsem ráda,že jsem to viděla jako polotovary a můžu tu změnu posoudit.Hodně nápadů a času na výrobu přeje máma


  2. Good morning Vendulka. Linda spoke to you about coming to do a workshop on free motion quilting. I have put out the newsletter and we would love you to come to us. Which dates do you have that’s convenient for you and l will put them to the group. Kind Regards Irene

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