Wedding Quilt – Angel

I thought I’ll write about the other side of the Wedding quilt little bit earlier, but I’m sure you didn’t forget about it and I hope you still want to see the other side.

The bride is very keen on Angels and so what better thing to do than make them an Angel to look after their marriage and home.

I have first drawn the outline of the angel on the calico side. Then I quilted her, from the wrong side, after that I turned the quilt to the pieced side to quilt the flower of life on the background as it’s using the equilateral triangles as grid.

The painting then was done with Markal paintsticks. They are sticks of oil paint, you need to wait about a day for it to dry, then they need to be heat set with an iron and you’re ready. The quilt can be now washed and used and loved …


For the flowers I have used a stencil made from a stronger paper, pinned it to the quilt and the carpet underneath and used stencil brush to paint the flowers.


Heart has been first painted, then I used a tissue paper to draw the letter for their names – Sarah and Toby – the S is mirrored on the other side so that it looks the same from the other side.



I love the Flower of Life quilting design so when I was thinking of quilting something for the background and having the triangles on the front – I just had to use this design.


The face of the angel is more or less just a suggestion, but over all it looks really nice. So now you’ve seen couple of different elements and I think it’s time to reveal the full back of the quilt:


I am very pleased with the over all look of it. When I started to piece the jelly rolls together and was just thinking about it I was a bit scared to paint such a big space, but I love it now. It works really lovely

Let me know how you like it and also how you like the Flower of Life quilting as I’m flirting with the thought of making my first video tutorial and teaching you how to quilt this lovely design.

Thank you for reading


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