I’m in love …

…. with French knots. I still love my French frog-turned-Prince-Charming, but there is something about French knots. I guess people either love them or hate them and I’m very much in love. If I have time to pick a needle and thread and do some hand embroidery in nine out of ten cases it will have some of them in it!om with french twist

This is the latest creation using French knots – actually there is nothing else but the knots. I always admired embroideries which have the main thing (word, symbol etc.) plain and the background of it is heavily stitched. And so one day couple of months ago I put this lovely silk into a hoop and started my joyful work.
om with french twist

I didn’t count how many knots I have made on this piece as it’s very difficult. I usually pick it for a half an hour there and an hour week later, so I would lost the count with first twenty I guess. om with french twist

It’s sitting in a lovely white box frame and the photos don’t do it justice. I found it very difficult to take a good picture of framed work behind glass. Should have taken pictures before I put it in!
om with french twist

The piece is called OM with French twist – just playing with words 🙂 For explanation of the meaning of OM click here to see what Wikipedia has to say.

Thank you for reading


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