In the land of dreams

Part of my spring clean was to finish projects which were sitting at my table catching my eye every time I passed. Last July I have written about starting a mass production of Dream Catchers (you can read about it here) … well, two got finished straight away and several others have stayed in various stages … until now! I’m glad to say they are all finished, hanging and catching the bad dreams!








Now I need to price them all up as it looks as first one might be sold soon …

Thank you for reading




  1. Thanks for sharing Vendulka. You continue to keep me inspired to tackle those UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) we all have packed away in drawers. Your work is stunning. How can you continue to be so creatively prolific? Awesome pieces.


    • Thank you, Donna, I do have another set of hands in my partner, who is a grea​t help! He built me a shelf today and I tackled the three dreaded projects – curtain, voile and repairing trousers – not very creative, that’s why it was sitting there for ages!


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