Under the needle

I’ve been teaching the Improv stained glass this week and I really enjoyed the day. The idea was to let people design their own picture if they feel like it and one of the students did just that … The inspiration for this picture was a photo taken just after her husband has proposed to her on their holidays … What a lovely memory she has made for herself in fabric!


While I was teaching, I was trying to make a cushion as well, but only managed to finish it the following day …


This time I was playing with gold bias tape, which I’m not so keen on, but it made all the difference and brought these fabrics to life, what do you think?? Seeing the before and after next to each other it’s amazing what a difference little 1/4 tape makes!


So now I have two cushions, made with the same design, just using different fabrics at different places.

I have approached Grosvenor shows to have a body of work displayed at their shows next year. I have offered them 12 pieces and because only three of them are actually finished, Oli got cracking and started couple of them … two are in the painting stage and I’m in a mood of some hand embroidery, so I’m taking our mandalas one step further and I’m adding a hand stitch and I’m loving it!!!

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So this is how we spend our days and evenings …

Thank you for reading


One comment

  1. Absolutely love the teal and brown colour way on your new cushion and think the gold tape looks great. It compliments it perfectly!
    Just to let you know I’ve been working on finishing my painted Bondaweb piece. It hasn’t been thrown in a corner and will send you a picture as soon as I’ve completed it. But now Spring is here the garden tends to take precedence over sewing.


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