Spring clean


Let’s hope the spring is finally here (no more snow please!) It’s so nice to open the doors and windows in the house for more than just 5 minutes to get some fresh air and new energy in. Before we dive into sorting out the garden I think it’s time to sort our workrooms! Get some new boxes, fold the fabrics and organize them by colour (if you are a control freak like me!) Find the right place for your books, threads and bobbins – maybe make a nice organiser like the one in the review from Amy Watson.

I must admit when I have a project which has a deadline or I just want to finish something I’m able to work in the middle of such a mess, I just move things on the side and carry on. And there is something about the “creative mess”, some people work better that way but every once in a while I just have to sort everything and start with a clean sheet. I’m pretty sure there is some connection between clearing your workspace and clearing some thinking space in your head. While folding and putting away the fabric from my last projects I get wonderful new ideas and fresh solution to projects I’ve been struggling with.

Spring clean is one thing but there is never an empty table, is there ?? …. there are always those UFOs (unfinished objects), WIPs (work in progress) or PIGs (projects in grocery bags) … however you want to call them, they are there and they are sucking the energy out of you. Somebody once beautifully described them as a program on your computer, which is running in the background, you don’t even know that it’s running and it’s using up the battery and slowing your computer down. Every time you’d like to start working on a new project, there is the thought I should be finishing this and that! Every time you come across a fabric from that project you started 5 years ago, the thought is there, it’s still not finished. And you are less enthusiastic to start the new kit you just bought!

So with this new Spring energy, we’re getting from all that sun out there, let’s pause the project you are now working on and sort things out, tidy your creative space, it will be easier to find things, you might even find things you thought were long lost. Also, choose one project you haven’t touched in a while and imagine it finished. Imagine how you will feel when it’s finally done … the satisfaction, the admiration you will get from your friends. And with this on your mind start working on it. The other thing which also happens when you finish something is that all the energy you’ve put into it comes back – in the form of sattisfaction, praise from others and ethusiasm to start something new. So give yourself this gift, reclaim this energy back by finishing the first project from your stash.

Next time I’ll tell you a little bit more about the WIPs – how they happen and what to do about them. But for now, get your hoover and duster out, do some sorting and let me know in the comments below which project are you going to finish first!

Thank you for reading


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  1. There’s definitely something in the air, Vendulka ~ Martin and I have been motivated to clear our workspaces too. When the snow came we huddled in the creative mess and just carried on with our projects but eventually it takes to long to find the things you want in all that mess. I’ve started WIP Wednesdays on my blog to encourage us to move things along, so that I can post pictures of the progress and the finished item. I do have a crochet gilet that I started for my granddaughter at the old Newport UFO Club but have never finished the edging. She’s 7 and a half now! You’ve inspired me to get it done and donate to a child in need ~ then I’ll feel so much better and can blog about it! 🙂


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