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One of the first little samples / mandalas I have made was called VOID. It was part of my Mandala Magic online course and I loved the size of it so much I started to make more like that – it’s showing up whatever technique you want to explain and due to it’s small size it’s easy and fast to make. Since finishing this first one I have made quite a few of them. But this black void circle with loads of French knots aroud is still one of the most popular ones.


And so I decided to make it a sibling in light colours … I thought it could be a nice project to offer to a magazine. I had the fabric already at home, so Olivier painted it with Markal paintstick first then added dots around with Marabu liners. The weather is getting warmer so I thought I’ll have a great project – stitching hundreds of French knots – to do at playground when we come from work, Oli’s getting the dinner ready and I take the kids to enjoy some fresh air.


I made a start with about 2 hours of French knots and some beading and then it was sitting on the shelf in our living room like many projects before. We had Duxford show and then I was pourly, so I didn’t really touched it for quite some time.


The other day I was sitting ¬†drinking a tea and I set my eyes on the piece held in the embroidery hoop. As I was looking at it I thought it looks as though it doesn’t have so much fabric sticking out on the back of the hoop as it should have … so I took it into my hands just to confirm my worry. Luckily the kids were already asleep, so I could calm down before my morning investigation. Jasmine thought it’s a great idea and was very surprised I needed it rectangle and not a circle!


I can laugh about it now, but I still feel bit crossed. Well I guess I can just be grateful I’m not a potter! I can still finish it circular but for a project for a magazine I just have to start all over again and hide it from restless hands of my children!

Thank you for reading





  1. Kids eh! Don’t you just love ’em. Sorry you’ve been ill, hope you are now fully recovered. I think you must have 48 hours in your day the amount of work you get through, love it though. Wish you were a bit nearer Bury-St.-Edmunds so it was easier to get to your classes. Take care, Liz.


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