Quilted body warmer – class

After the great success of my silk quilted jacket, several people were asking me if I would teach it as a class. The answer is I WILL! I just need to do a couple of samples, to gain a bit more experience. Also, I needed to find the right pattern. I have several Burda magazines which I love to use for patterns, but I didn’t find anything suitable there. At the beginning of the week, we went to Bury St. Edmunds and I went to the local sewing shop to find a suitable pattern.


To my delight, I found one which should be ideal for the class. I thought we could start with just a body warmer – no sleeves to attach – making it bit easier as an introduction into quilted dressmaking. At the same time, the pattern does have a sleeve in case somebody is experienced sewer and would prefer a jacket. For this one, I’d like to experiment with cotton /patchwork style fabric and probably classical polyester lining to make it easier to wear on top of jumpers or other tops.


I also had an idea of making myself a body warmer using a silk again as I have 2,5 m of turquoise one in one of my drawers. I have the vision of Mandarin standing collar, half tight length, slits on each side, quilting in a gold thread, the gold fabric from the picture for the binding and after my first experience with Liberty lawn I might use that for the lining … but … the first step first – I think I found the right pattern. Now I just need to cancel all the classes for a week and take some time off to be able to create it. 🙂

I can’t really complain that the shop is getting busy and there are more and more people booked on the classes, but there is also more and more projects on my list to make!

But I’ll get to it and when I do I’ll keep you posted – until then thank you for reading.



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