Liberty lawn scarf

Last week at Duxford we had lovely neighbours on the stand next to us. The owner of Sunflower fabrics – Maggie was folding a beautiful fabric Saturday morning and the colours caught my eye, so I came closer to admire it and see in more details and she was so kind she gave me a fat quarter of this gorgeous Liberty lawn in painted design. Liberty lawn scarf

I was thinking for a while what to do with it, I even thought to put it on the wall to decorate my studio and brighten it up! But then the idea came … an infinity scarf.

Liberty lawn scarf

I was prepared to hand roll the edges, but a friend of mine had a good suggestion to use a silk fabric to lined it with, so I went through my stash and find the perfect match, it’s still quite transparent, but it’s actually really nice effect. So exactly a week later – a voila – here it is!


Liberty lawn scarfI love the fact I can just grab a t-shirt or a shirt of any of the colours included in the design, jeans and I’m ready to go!

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  1. Exquisite fabric!! Your idea for a lined infinity scarf came off beautifully. I can imagine the scarf lies quite softly around your neck as opposed to some I’ve seen that pouf out so much one couldn’t see their plate in front of them.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely fabric.


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