Happy New Year

I can’t believe it’s already middle of January?! How was your Xmas  time? Did you have a good time? I completely signed off over holidays and I’m only now catching up on all the things I made and wanted to share with my followers.

I must admit that I gave into one of British traditions – Christmas stockings! We tend to celebrate quite continental way … in Czech we have carp with potato salad or in France all kinds of seafood – from crab or lobster, through prawns, shrimps and some snails. We also bake some Christmas biscuits, but you will not find mince pies or Christmas pudding in our house. We also open presents on the 24th in the evening just like Olivier and I did our whole life. It’s not about being condescending, it’s about trying to stick to our own traditions – Oli’s ones and my ones and merge them together and maybe add little bit of British traditions and that’s what we did this year – we added Christmas stockings!


I must say I never really understand the idea of them, maybe because on the continent we celebrate St. Nicholas day – 6th December. And that’s the day when St. Nichola (Mikulas in Czech) is walking with Angel and Devil and is giving presents to children. In my family we found a stocking – my mum’s old nylon stocking, nothing like what I was making for my children – on the balcony filled with clementines, some chocolates and sometimes potatoes and charcoal.


But this year I spoke to someone about how to keep the Santa story alive and she explained me how the Stocking helps to keep the magic of Christmas going. And so I made four of them. The front is crazy patchwork, which was very challenging for me, as I like all the fabrics to match and compliment each other. But I had so much left overs, that I had to start using them. They are still matched and synchinized with the heal and toe section which is on all of them the same and so is the binding and felt cuffs with our names.

The backing is lined and quilted as well and everybody has different fabric for the lining!

I must say, the whole time I was making them I was thinking that I only have to see them for couple of days in the year, but it was only once I finished them I started to really like them. Now I feel sorry for them sitting in our airing cupboard and can’t wait to get them out again!


I’m sorry to be writing about Christmas again, but only just finished them in time and haven’t been blogging since and didn’t want to wait to write about them till next Xmas.

I’ve been finishing quite a few projects, so I’ll be sharing them over next couple of weeks and also those I have started this year

Thank you for reading


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  1. Family traditions are the best at Christmas – I am sure your children will always remember these special times with you and the lovely stocking you have made for all the family. Gorgeous.

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