Another Cathedral window project

I really hope you can handle one more Cathedral window project.  I’m nearly ashamed to admit I have probably started this one about 3 years ago. As it required a lot of hand sewing – closing the windows – it was sitting in the box in the living room and waiting … occasionally I would remember it and sew few windows, but it was very slow progress. Before Christmas I thought I could try finish it and believe it or not I have 3 last windows to close and I can start putting the blocks together!!!

I have designed this one to be made of simple blocks – which should be more achievable for people. So I have spread the blocks in December to see what I’m missing and how it’s looking together …

Cathedral window quilt

As you can see there were three corners missing, so I had to still piece those and two blocks didn’t have their windows closed. All is done now!

BTW this is what happened with my blocks just a few seconds after i took the picture ….

Cathedral window quilt
My darlings still in their PJs messing my hard work!

Well there was still a central panel missing which was only last week pieced together, this picture was taken this afternoon, by now I have only THREE windows to close and I can’t wait to put it together tomorrow.

Cathedral window quilt

I am on a mission to slowly get through my work in progress and I have a great plan for the unfinished projects which I don’t really have any intention of finishing. But let me tell you about it next time.

Thank you for reading


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