Couple of month ago, when I was working on my Lakshmi wall hanging, Olivier and I were in the middle of talking about how to do this and that on the piece and I said I’d like a Lotus flower stitched onto organza and he suggested to have an outline from a Markal paint stick. I really liked the idea but didn’t want to ruin my hand dyed fabric in case it didn’t work. So we decided to take another batik fabric and try it on there.


This is a reason I love working with Olivier, he always have great ideas, which adds to the piece and sometimes they are even stretching my skills. Well his idea worked great and I was left with a piece of fabric with lovely lotus flower at the bottom … I let my imagination free and came up with an idea of a Yogi sitting in meditation on the top of the lotus.

Yogi textile hanging

Olivier’s skills with Markal paint sticks came to use once again, in the shadow and halo around Yogi.


Yogi textile hanging

I added a words representing a triad of aspects of our lives we need to take care of … not forgetting any of them – Body, Mind and Soul / Spirit.



My favorite waving border with piping in contrasting fabric is kind of a must these days. I don’t know why but I really like the way it finishes off the edges.

Yogi textile hanging

Let me know how you like it

Thank you for reading


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