Frozen Fever

Jasmine is still mad about Anna and Elsa from the Frozen Disney movie. We received the fabrics couple month ago no, but there was no time to make anything for her … until now.

She’s been invited to a Frozen Birthday party, so I made her a Frozen skirt, but as I was at it, I made one for her best friend and one for the birthday girl as well. And matching bag just for Jasmine, because girl have never enough bags 🙂

Frozen disney skirt

Frozen disney skirt Frozen disney skirt

Frozen disney skirt

Frozen disney bag

Frozen disney bag

Frozen disney bag

The only way to take a picture of the skirt on that day was to do some exercise with Jasmine. As she was hoping and rolling around I managed to take a picture at the right moment to make her look like experienced Yogini. Even though she love doing yoga, she is still long way from this …

Frozen disney skirt

I actually have the skirt for sale to order in my Etsy shop.

Thank you for reading


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