City and Guild exhibition of Stitched Textiles

The Sunday before last we went to Whickham Market, to see an exhibition of C&G graduates in Patchwork and Quilting and Machine Embroidery.  And it was fantastic!! What an inspirational event.

It was brilliant to see the design books as well, to see the processes behind different designs being developed and to see it on a final project – wall hanging, quilt, cushion, bag and many more. I even spoke to Annette Morgan who organized the exhibition and is the teacher of the Machine embroidery module and I’m very tempted to start in September, I just fear I still have a lot on my plate right now and probably will have to start next year. But it think this is exactly the thing, which would stretch me and expand my experience.

This was my most favorite piece … I just love the simplicity and effect of the stitches, it just makes me wants to do more hand embroidery …

city and guild graduates exhibition

And this was Olivier’s most favorite piece … it was full of details, you could keep looking at it for an hour and still discover interesting techniques used. The colours were very well put together and it was beautifully transparent, all it was missing was a white wall behind, so that it’s beauty really came out.

city and guild graduates exhibition

I will just let the rest of the pictures talk for themselves…

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Lovely event, definitely will come next year again!

Thank you for reading


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