Preparing new class

Long time ago I went to see a talk of Sheena Norquay and her work inspired Olivier and me to make several different wall hangings. The idea is that we both agree on the base fabric and the colour choice. Olivier then draws all the designs for me to stitch with free motion quilting. We usually add some machine Trapunto for the raise effect. When it’s all quilted I hand it back to Oli and he starts to paint some details. It’s a lovely collaboration, we have made and sold quite a few of them and as I haven’t been blogging back then, let me show you some of them.

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People always comment on them, when they see them in the shop and very often there is a question … “Will you teach that??” For a long time I was resisting, but I think there is time to do it now! So Olivier took two fat quarters, designed two hanging, and is now in a process of painting them … class will be on some time in September.

hangign class hanging class

I’ll be back with the finished pictures and class dates soon ….

Thank you for reading


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