Do you also have several blocks somewhere in your stash which you have made on a workshop to learn particular technique, or you just made one too many ?? I had several of them! So while my mum was here she helped me to turn them into coasters! Yes some of them might be little bit bigger for just a cup of tea or coffee, but on the other hand there is also space for a biscuit!!


They are easy and fast to do, you can use up little scraps of wadding and for backing little off-cuts of fabrics you don’t really like that much (or that was at least my case) I also have a box full of strips which were leftover binding or strips for borders etc. So we rummaged through that to find matching binding. And my mum had a great time quiltign them. She kept telling me to do it myself, because I would do it so much better, but I insisted, that she has to practice on something and that this is the best thing to practice on!!

These two block I have made on the class of Dawn Cameron-Dick – invisible machine applique
Another class, this time with Judi Mendelssohn – New York Beauty – I made two blocks in pink, thinking I could maybe make a quilt for Jasmine … well coasters will have to do!
These were made out of leftovers from Wave table runner
On these I was testing the size of my calculation for a quilt for my sister


I really love them and am so grateful my mum helped me make them! They will be used on our classes, under coffee or tea for the students, I’m sure they will be lovely inspiration for them!

Thank you for reading


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  1. Excellent use of scraps and test pieces, Vendulka ~ it’s so satisfying when you can do that! I have lots of crocheted scrumbles which I’m (always!) planning to turn into something ~ I was going to make a big throw for the bed but after seeing these beautiful coasters, I think I might make much smaller cushion covers instead! 🙂


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