Time to unpick and new projects

I love Paisley, it’s such a nice design, so when a series of fabrics called Harrington arrived with this lovely designs, I though I had to make something out of them. It was one of the runners I have made couple weeks ago. Unfortunately once I have pieced it together both Olivier and I didn’t like it, it was too busy, even though we used all the fabrics in the series, so they were perfect match, they had too many patterns and so …. Olivier took his good friend quick-unpick and took the stripy fabric out. We replaced it with maroon coloured fabric with golden scrolls and even though the original fabrics have no gold on them, they include this goldish, mustardish colour and it goes really nicely together.

I don’t even have a picture of the original piece together, but you can compare this two photos and I hope you will agree with me, that the dark maroon fabric, gave it the contrast it was missing.






I am very pleased with the change and now I can cut some fabrics and make some kits.

As my mum is staying with us, she loves to help me with a lot of sewing, which is really great, because it pushes me to do things. I’ll be posting more pictures soon, but for now, let me just show you one new project we’re working on …


It’s very Christmas which is quite early, but if I want to have everything ready when it’s going to be time to make this kind of things, I have to start much earlier … At least you have something to look forward to.

Thanks for reading



  1. Yes, I agree with you and Charmian ~ the contrasting borders really make the design ‘pop’! So go ahead and make up those kits! 🙂 (Not even going to think about Christmas just yet!)


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