Prototype for slippers

I had a great time making these slippers for Jasmine … she has outgrown her old ones, doesn’t really like the new ones … so the solution was to make new slippers with her and as she was part of the making process she will be much more fond of them … and it worked, we don’t need to remind her to put them on, she’s quite happy to keep them on.

I took her old slippers she has overgrown and cut them into pieces to trace a pattern …

slippers pattern tracing

We started with choosing fabrics, first from the box of red offcuts, then pink ones, when she wanted yellow and orange, I said enough. So she choose her fabrics and once I was ready she was passing them to me …

choosing fabrics slippersI was just stitching them straight onto a wadding, to save me having have to quilt them which I did later just for decorative purposes …

piecing slippers

I took an old jeans for soles, and soft brushed cotton / flannel for the inside sole. Cut out my slipper top following my pattern and it was time to join the two parts together and hide the seam under bias binding. As they were bit bigger – I knew I’m just making prototype and it will be better if they are larger and they can wait for her rather than smaller. So as they were bit bigger I had to add elastic over the instep to stop them from falling.

assembling slippers

Jasmine was over the Moon, we had to add a bow, so she choose the satin ribbon – I still had to finish the sewing by hand but she kept coming and asking if they are ready every 10 minutes – it was so sweet. The best part was the next day when she kept them all day without even telling them to put them on. That’s the beauty of making it with her, so that she feels as she made them as well.

finished slippers

finished slippers

finished slippers


wrong heel slippers

The only thing I have to do next time differently is change the angle on the heal – as you can see on the last picture it’s way too open – but lesson learned and next time it will be much better , I’m even tempted to try different construction method … we’ll see.

Thank you for reading



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