Hi everybody and Happy New Year!!

I once read lovely saying … it was something like this  … “The only thing you can be sure of in life is it will change” I Beacon of lightreally like that.

If I had to choose a word for this year it would be definitely CHANGE!

We will be changing place where we live and have our business from the Isle of Wight to Suffolk. I am going to change the proportions of time I spend with work and time for myself from 100% work : 0% myself to something about 50% work and 50% myself.

Beacon of LIghtAnd I did make quite a good start this year. First great thing in this direction was getting for Christmas on-line class LIFE BOOK, which should help me with my drawing skills, lettering, mixed media things, some work on myself as well … just keeping me busy and spending time doing things for myself – after 4 years of running business, having two kids and just trying to be a super-woman and do-it-all – all I want to do this year is learn to switch off and just let things happen and make lots of things which will make me happy rather than everybody around me! And because blogging makes me very happy, I love to share, you will hopefully see much more of me, you will see some drawings – part of the Life book class – some textile art, snapshots from our family life, and maybe some quilts – specially those from my unfinished drawer!!

The pictures in this post are the first drawings I have done for Life book, its called Beacon of Light.


I wish you all good and prosperous year 2015 and all your dreams and goals to come true.

Thank you for reading



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