Cathedral window madness

Yes, the title is right, I might have gone Cathedral Window mad. Partly it’s because I set myself a big goal for this year – self-publish a book about my way to make the Cathedral Windows. I had several projects made and three of them also had an instructions. But I want to show different coloured combinations so I had to make a couple of cushions playing with the different colours in the background.


I’ve been also playing for the first time with a directional fabric for the background. I always advise my students against it, as it requires lots of thinking, but I love the effect, so wanted to have a go at one.

Cathedral windows cushion

There is another first time I had a go at and that is using batik fabrics to make a hanging. For no special reason I always used prints, but we have such a nice batiks in the shop now I had to make one using them.


So this is how I spend my evenings now – hand stitching window after window and of course, there is still the Sunny Garden quilt to finish. It doesn’t have a proper border, so I have finaly came up with one, and as I was at it, the block I have used for the border actually makes a lovely long cushion or another wall hanigng. Here is only a drawing – not even fabrics have been choosen yet.

Cathedral window cushion

And talking of drawigns, there is one more … I helped one lady on the Island to make it for  their church, but I never came up with an easy way how to make it – that is until now!!!


As you can see it’s six identical blocks, just repeated and they are actually quite easy to make! I want to make one for the shop and one for my sister, it’s 30 windows each, so I better stop writing and get my needle out!

Thank you for reading


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