Chenille hangings (part 2)

Hi Everyone,

the other day I have teased you about the Chenille wall hanging Olivier was creating, so let me show you one of his latest creations, it’s meant as a inspirational sample for the class, so it’t little bit bigger than what we teach (we use fat quarters in the class) but it has a lot of different ways how to cut the fabrics to achieve different outcomes.

Faux chenille

He added a lot of beads and exposed different layers by cutting out the top layers …

Faux chenille

It has got a lot of different textures which makes it very interesting.

Faux chenille

Faux chenille

Faux chenille

And my favorite piped binding … I just love the way it finishes the edge.

Faux chenilleAnd here is the full picture of it. It measures about 40″ x 16″ (100 x 40 cm) Let me know which part of it do you like the most …

Thank you for reading



  1. It is absolutely beautiful….you are a very clever couple and you are greatly missed down here on the Island,,,Heather

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  2. Fabulous work, where do you find the time to do all this? I love it all, the colours are amazing.


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