Finished OM quilt

I may have been quiet on this blog, but the needle has been busy in my hands! Last blog post I have written was about very busy Free Form Quilting , but I have never shown you the full design of the quilt!

So here it is:

Om Quilt

At the moment it’s actually being displayed at Quilt show British Quilt and Stitch Village in Uttoexeter where we’re travelling tomorrow to see in on display and pick it up to take home with us.

Om Quilt

The quilting is not as intensive on the busy batik as it is on the white but I love these stuck up spirals.

Om Quilt

We contemplated about the binding and decided to respect the white circle and change the colour of the binding and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Om Quilt

Om Quilt

off centered backing Om Quilt

I used Olivier’s fabric on the back and to make it little bit more fun Olivier came up with the idea of tilting the backing to create this interesting effect, like so many of his ideas it just created more work for me, but at the end of day I’m glad I did it. It’s fun and it’s different, just our kind of thing ….

Thank you for reading


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