Do you challenge yourself??

Do you Challenge yourself often enough??It’s nice to do things which we know how to do, but every now and then we have to challenge ourselves, don’t you agree??

Well I’ve been quilting 9 years now and I have free motion quilted many many quilting designs, but there is one I was always admiring but never had the courage to do it myself – FREE FORM QUILTING. You literally start quilting one design and in a little while to change it into another one for a little while and another one, and another one. It’s ok to repeat them especially over large space.

Doodle free motion quilting

I think the best way is to get into a zone, when you actually don’t really think about it and just have a go! I was able to get into the zone eventually but to start with it was a challenge. Thanks for youtube!! I found great video with time-lapsed free form quilting – you can watch here. I had to watch it twice, but then I bit the bullet and just went for it! Oh my it was great! You know that feeling when you fear something and then you brave up, give it a go and it’s actually ok??

Doodle free motion quilting

I think it’s important to challenge ourselves, so I have been challenging myself with new hair styles ( I never really learned how to style longer hair – once the hair got into certain length I didn’t know what to do with them and cut them short! So I’m being brave and arming myself with loads of bobby-pins!Doodle free motion quilting

Where could you challenge yourself? Or where have you recently challenged yourself? Let me know in the comments and inspire others!

Thank you for reading



  1. Your free-motion quilting is lovely. Seriously, first try?? Really impressive.

    I’m not very adventurous with my quilting. The truth is I don’t take the time/effort to do practice pieces, so when I am quilting, it’s a real deal and I don’t want to mess up. However, this is my year to PLAY! so it’s time, now, right?

    THanks for the link and the inspiration.


  2. My challenge was to learn Fair Isle knitting. I went to a wonderful class and learnt so much, but I have yet to make a tam (beret hat) for my granddaughters!


  3. […] blog, but the needle has been busy in my hands! Last blog post I have written was about very busy Free Form Quilting , but I have never shown you the full design of the […]


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