Hand painted sign board

I wanted to write you a while ago about the board  I have painted for the shoo, but I have been very sick with horrible cough, I’ve had good days and bad days, some days I went to bed before the kids! Went to see doctor but to be honest I have spend more time in the waiting room than actually with doctor, just to find out that it’s viral and that they don’t treat viruses. At the end I have ended up at homoeopath and finally I’m starting to feel better. We were steaming together with Jasmine, which she found great fun and she had full nose as well, so it did her very well too!

steamingboard for paintingOur next door neighbour –  Sarah’s Attic, already had a hand painted sign above their shop, so when we find this board inside our shop, and find out that the previous tenant left it there and we can do whatever we want with it, the idea was born!!

After the trip to a local Homebase and B&Q to choose the right colours, the hard work started:



painting the baseI don’t even have a picture, where I was sanding the whole writing away!! Yes this time it was me, Olivier was building the counter and cutting table and Balthazar thought that the place is the best playground in the world!

painting sign for oliven








So I have sanded it, painted base yellow and then pencil down all the writing … Anboardd started to fill it with colours, which seemed forever!

But the final effect is really nice, I’m very pleased, what do you think, could it be any bolder?? We wanted the sign to be visible and readable from the road, which I think it now is!!



new board for oliven

new board for olivenThank you for reading




  1. Love it, Vendulka ~ very easy for passers~by to read from the road and stop off for a visit! Hope the steaming works and you and Jasmine feel better soon. Take care xxx


  2. BIG congrats Vendulka and Olivier, your new shop looks very beautiful and I wish you every success in your new venture. I am sure your local population will really enjoy your workshops. Wish I was there!!

    Love to you and your family.


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