Christmas kits and other sewing

I decided to make some kits with new Christmas fabrics which has just arrived to the shop last week…

My favourite Waving runner – I just forgot about the last step so was missing one strip, but it’s nearly finished!

Waving table runner

Hexagonal table runner I have only just started as I was AGAIN short on one strip, but this time I needed it straight at the beginning, sofor now I have moved onto next project … but these are the colours

Hexagonal table runner

And last project Christmas orientated is Hexagonal centre piece, I have played with the colours differently to show the other options of the pattern. This way the emphasis is on the star rather than on the spiral.

Hexagoanl centre piece

There is few more projects I wanted to make for Christmas so I better stop writing and get back to my sewing machine …

Thank you for reading


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