7 piece Chakra hanging

Those of you who know my work will know how much I love Chakras, yoga and symbols  and implementing all of it in my work. The latest finished project is a seven wall hangings in the same style, each representing one of the Chakras and yoga position which should help to charge the Chakra and Sanskrit name of the Yoga pose.

I’t been very much a collaboration with Olivier as so many out projects. He has drawn every mandala on the back of the work, cut out the fabrics away (we use raw edge appliqué technique a lot) traced my writing onto tissue paper I kind of feel I only did the sewing and writing on these pieces. It kind of works as we each did half of the job on these hangings. IMG_7996IMG_8009IMG_8016IMG_8023

Or you can check short video on youtube :

The thing which took a bit of time was to make and stitch on 7 labels. They will only ever be sold together, but I still felt they should each have a label


Thank you for reading



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